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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Must take break...

Once I got out of bed this morning (around 9:45, about two hours later than normal for a Sunday, which was bliss), I turned off the AC, opened up the windows, moved the fan out to the living room, and had a bite to eat. Then I put Bastille's Bad Blood CD into my player and proceeded to clean the living room throughout the entire playing time. I have gone through back mail, various things that were out of place, stuff that was just sitting on the couch, even things that were still out after my trip, that sort of thing. With the exception of a light dusting, vacuuming (which I'll do at the end for the whole apartment), and watering the plants, the living room is presentable again. So I'm taking a quick break. The next thing I am going to do is take out the trash and recyclables, as they are piling up quickly--mostly recyclables. I still have a printer box to go out as well. That will free up space. Then I'll water the plants. And then it's back to the bedroom, where I need to collect the laundry to be done to take over to my friends' house today. I think the rest of the apartment will have to wait until tomorrow after work, but it's not horrible; the two big rooms were the challenge. But I'm going to take about 10 minutes first to just sit and relax, and maybe work on my computer desk cubbyholes.

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