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Monday, May 19, 2014

It occurred to me as

I made my pimiento cheese sandwich for dinner, that I had a salad and pimiento cheese for lunch, as there wasn't much on the menu I liked at the cafeteria today. I haven't been particularly hungry today, either, which is probably good, given my weight. I was able to actually get up this morning and take my Lantus and Byetta before going to work, so I suspect the extra time for the Byetta to work helped. I'm also happy to say that my blood sugar just now was very good, whereas this morning it was utterly through the roof, so I was able to bring it down to a manageable level.

The first thing I did on reaching home today was water the plants outside and in, and then I opened the windows and brought the fan out to the living room. I started some lavender incense in the dining area, which I find relaxing. I had been telling YKWIA about how I was very lucky to remember to pay my electric bill today, as it was the last day to pay and I'd meant to as soon as I had been paid, which was last Thursday. He pointed out for someone with lots of gadgets, it's a shame that I don't use them to keep track of my bills. Since the point was well taken, I downloaded an application that reminds you to pay your bills and then you just mark them paid as you go along. It's a simple concept, so hopefully it will work. I spent some time putting those in.

So I'm home tonight and I think I'm going to go through a couple of paper bills and get those out of the way, so I can mail them tomorrow. I have a lab draw bill from the last time I went to the endocrinologist for about $4, for example, and it's so small I'd forgotten to take care of it. I don't want to be owing a bigger bill by not paying, right?

I did get some disappointing news today from the public library that they'd filled one of the positions I'd applied for. Since it's been three weeks since the remaining one closed and there's been no call, things aren't looking good for it. I would really love to work there and I think I would really be good for them. But first I have to get to an interview. Oh, well. At least it was worth a try, and every time I apply that's just more experience at the whole job hunting thing.

Okay, time to look over those bills. I'll write later, most likely.

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