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Saturday, May 17, 2014

The great thing

about gardening in window boxes is that if you have a blackberry winter as we are having (cool temps in spring, when the blackberry plants are blooming), you can just take them in when it gets down to the 30s at night. Which is what I just did. :) I got in from spending time with YKWIA and watching the season finale of 'Grimm'. We'd both predicted the outcome several episodes ago. I was afraid they'd kill off Rosalee this season, with the wedding and all, but they didn't, thankfully.

So now I'm listening to 'The Stolen Child' by Loreena McKennitt and thinking of putting my feet up, as they are hurting a bit. Where I've been wearing sandals, there's an issue with a bunion that's forming on my left little toe, and it's hurting a fair amount tonight. Plus, I'm just tired and achy, especially as I did some bending up and down helping with something earlier. So I'm looking forward to getting some rest.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to the pharmacy for a friend. The rest of the weekend is fairly clear. The last game notes have been finished for awhile. We're not playing Sunday due to the SCA event Border Raids, as Brenda is going. Instead we'll probably watch Saving Mr Banks, which I have out from Netflix. I'm also hoping to get some work done on the house. The living room is still in good shape, but there is plenty to still do.

To that end, I should really go to bed. Good night.

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