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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My thoughts exactly

I'm ashamed I ever voted for our governor, Steve Beshear. Our own attorney general, Jack Conway, refused to defend the case. Now he's running for Steve Beshear's job. He has my vote as of now, anyway.

Silas House: Beshear lawsuit embarrasses state, tarnishes his legacy; Backward thinking on Ky.'s gay-marriage ban
Last week, Gov. Steve Beshear used taxpayer money to file an appeal arguing against marriage equality after a federal judge ruled that gay marriages must be recognized in the commonwealth.

Beshear's lawyers argue that marriage equality will have a profound effect on Kentucky's birth rates, and only — according to their suit — "man-woman couples can naturally procreate."

This defense is not only laughable, it's incredibly offensive on a number of levels. First, it outright proclaims that gay people are not equal, with this line: "Same-sex couples are materially different from traditional man-woman couples." Different. Not the same. Not equal.

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