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Monday, May 19, 2014

Excellent movie

Saving Mr Banks was not only quite enjoyable, but well-written and -acted, and it really touched the heart. Now I know that's not how it necessarily happened, and by many accounts Walt Disney was not nearly as sweet as played by Tom Hanks, but I must say, it was a fine story. Emma Thompson was excellent, and Tom Hanks and Colin Farrell were very, very good indeed. I also think the young girl who played Travers as a child, Annie Rose Buckley, did a great job. A and I were too busy pointing at YKWIA through most of the early part of the movie going, 'Oh, my God, that's what you would say.' Who knew that the closest depiction in video form to his manner is not actually Sheldon Cooper of 'Big Bang Theory', but rather PL Travers, who delighted so many with the Mary Poppins books, yet was described by her grandchildren as having 'died loving no one and with no one loving her'. :) Fortunately, he may not be loved by many, but he is loved dearly by those who count. Next up on the DVD queue: Mary Poppins itself.

Yesterday I finished the actual cleaning of the house but took out the garbage and recyclables at first light this morning. Today I cleaned my friends' house, helped A wash their dog, watched many video game walk-throughs of Dishonored, and went to the grocery store with A. Now I'm home, the groceries are put away, I'm munching on herb bread, and contemplating unpacking the laundry I did at their house today. As much as I'd hate to put it off, essentially 'messing up the house', I just don't think I'm up to putting things away tonight, and I'm not sure I have room to put much of it away, anyway. I might have to get a little creative with some rearranging of space, which is too big of a job for me right now, as I have to get up in 7 hours. We'll see. But I think I'll go ahead, get ready for bed, do my monthly libation, and just go ahead and unpack tomorrow.

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