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Saturday, May 17, 2014

I napped for a bit

but then got up and really did a nice job on the kitchen. I just have to load the dishwasher, do a load, and sweep and mop the floor. The counters look great though, and there wasn't much empty space before. I did a little rearranging as well, both in the cabinets and on the counters. I have a very small kitchen, so space is at a premium. Now I'm enjoying a drink and getting off my foot for a few minutes. The next thing on my list is dealing with the clothes, because I have hampers from last week's laundry in the dining area and clothes in the bedroom that need to be put away in drawers or the closet. I also and going to move my shoe organiser from one closet to the other so it hangs freely and I can actually put my shoes in it, so they're not all out under the various furniture in the living room.

After that, it's putting away things in the dining area, straightening up things in the bedroom, cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming, and sweeping and mopping the bath and kitchen. Then everything will be ready for guests. :) The living room is still in good shape from last week.

Tonight I need to go through some bills and mail. I think I'll try to watch something from the DVR, too, something fun. I might also bake some bread, as I've replenished the supplies and organised them. And at some point today or tomorrow, I need to make a grocery run. About all I have to eat here are crackers, lentil soup, and macaroni and cheese. Which reminds me; it's been hours since I ate. Okay, food, and then, back to work!

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