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Thursday, May 22, 2014


I got home from watching 'The 100' with a friend about 10:45 pm, after the major storm had passed which drenched the city but while some others were coming through. I was hot and sticky (yes, serves me right for wearing polyester), so I came in with all intents and purposes of blogging but instead I took out my contacts, took off my clothes, turned on the fan in the bedroom, and propped my feet up on the bed. I'd been aching everywhere, and my knee is still bothering me a lot, so it felt good to have the breeze on me. I told myself I'd lie there for a minute or two, then go get my glasses, something to eat, and some ibuprofen. Than was three and a half hours ago. :) So now I'm doing all that, plus I cleared out some algae that was invading the fish tank's filtration system.

I got an e-mail saying the second of two positions I'd applied for had been filled. :( There is another one that just opened, though, so I'll go ahead and apply. I'm thinking that indicates an internal candidate got at least one of the jobs.

I submitted two book reviews today, was very productive at work, and then came home and had dinner and about 45 minutes of resting (no, I didn't nap). Then it was over to YKWIA's where we watched the first episode of the British comedy 'Clone' and then 'The 100', which is getting better and better as it goes along. I wonder how close it is to the book upon which it is based, by Kass Morgan? That might be worth looking at after the season's over, which will be three more episodes. Soon there will just be 'Salem' to watch, as 'Grimm' is over for the year. But hey, that's what Amazon Prime and Netflix are for. :)

Okay, I've had a little cereal and I'm going to take that ibuprofen. Time to go back to bed. Good night!

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