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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Yes, I did vote today

So far, all of my candidates have progressed to the general election in November, and been the top vote-getters in elections where more than one candidate goes forward, with two positions still unknown--my district council seat and the judge-executive one. But Grimes will face McConnell, Jensen will face Barr, Mayor Gray will face Beatty, but had a good margin over him, and Kay, Moloney, and Cegelka all made it to the general ballot for at-large council members. Woo-hoo! The two races that haven't been decided yet that were on my ballot were the two I couldn't find much information about beforehand, unfortunately, especially the judge-executive race, which in Fayette County isn't a big position because unlike most other counties in the Commonwealth, we are a merged city-county government.

The third candidate in the mayoral race, named Mayer (Mayor Mayer?) lost any chance with me when he responded to a question about the challenges faced by the office in the Herald-Leader's voting guide with a haiku, and a bad one at that (it didn't incorporate the full range of haiku elements). Granted, I like Mayor Gray anyway and think he's done a great job, so I never really considered voting for this guy, but really? I want serious candidates on the ballot, not someone playing games who thinks he's clever.

Anyway, if you live in Kentucky, hope you voted today. I know turnout was expected to be low, and I know of only 2 people in my workplace who had stickers on (and I'm one of them). Just remember, no complaining about the results if you don't exercise your right to vote.!

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