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Thursday, May 01, 2014

I don't use Internet Explorer at home

but I updated anyway just on the off-chance I have to use it for some reason. And I'll update my friend's computer as soon as I can. Hopefully work will do the same.

Microsoft issuing fix for IE zero day today
At 10 AM Pacific time on Thursday, Microsoft will release an update to address the zero day vulnerability recently disclosed in all versions of Internet Explorer. The advance notification of the update lists Windows XP as among the affected platforms, indicating that it will be among the platforms patched, in spite of its support period ending weeks ago.

Adrienne Hall, General Manager, Microsoft Trustworthy Computing stated "[T]he security of our products is something we take incredibly seriously. When we saw the first reports about this vulnerability we decided to fix it, fix it fast, and fix it for all our customers."

Users with Automatic Updates enabled do not have to do anything, although running Windows Update will apply the fix immediately.

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