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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It is very quiet in the Rowan household

I got in from visiting friends about 9 pm, and did not pass go, did not go to the computer, did not collect $200. Instead I turned on some Loreena McKennitt and promptly went to sleep. I think I heard two songs, or maybe one-and-a-half, before falling into slumber. Now it's 1:30 am and I'm up. It was a very busy day at work today, and I had a lot of things that popped up that I had to attend to right then, putting off some of my other work, but I got all the vital stuff done. Then I went to the pharmacy to get some medicine for a friend, then to the dentist to get a permanent crown, then over to my friends' house, where among other things I did some troubleshooting on the computer. Tomorrow I'm going to check how the partials do with the new crown. If all goes well with the bite and everything, then it's time to start thinking about making permanent partials, which means taking impressions again.

Tomorrow the plan is to finish up everything I need to as I will not be at work Thursday, but have taken some time off to be with my family. After work it's over to my friends' house for 'The 100', after picking up an interlibrary loan book from the Lexington Public LIbrary. Friday it's back to work and then over to watch 'Grimm' (it's the season finale). Saturday my friends are visiting family. Sunday there is no game because Brenda is going to an SCA event. So things won't be in their usual routine. Tomorrow I should be getting Saving Mr Banks from Netflix, so perhaps we can all watch that Sunday instead.

I guess I'll try to go back to sleep. Sorry, it's been sort of quiet here of late, without much to write about. That's not actually a bad thing. I've worked hard to minimise the drama in my life. :)

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