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Saturday, May 17, 2014

In retrospect

I was totally wrong about why my toe hurt last night. I had forgotten that I stubbed it on something. Last night it was red; today it's a little grey around the base where I have most certainly sprained it, possibly even broken it, although I don't think there's much to do about a broke fifth toe, except tape it and try to keep from hitting it or hurting it further. My toe doesn't stray very far from the fourth toe anyway, so I think I'll just wear my normal walking shoes rather than sandals for a few days and see if it heals up. Unfortunately the pain has spread to the outside of my foot into my ankle and up my calf part way, and it's real tender at the original point of injury. Still, it's a toe, and I'll be fine I'm sure, so I'm going to try not to let it slow me down.

I went by the pharmacy and delivered the medicine that I had to my friend. Now I have the rest of the day free to myself, as we're doing the store tomorrow. I literally clapped my hands in glee when I got back to the car. Mind you, I love my friends dearly, but I so rarely have a Saturday to spend any way I like. :)

I think I'm going to put my foot up for just a bit and take something for the pain so I can work on the house today. If I can get it together, maybe we can watch Saving Mr Banks over here tomorrow. Plus, I just want to get it all happily spring cleaned and comfortable.

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