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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A monthly libation

Orphic Hymn to Hekate (translated by Apostolos N. Athanassakis)
Lovely Hecate of the roads and crossroads I invoke;
In heaven, on earth, and in the sea, saffron-cloaked,
Tomb spirit, reveling in the souls of the dead,
Daughter of Perses, haunting deserted places, delighting in dear,
Nocturnal, dog-loving, monstrous queen,
Devouring wild beasts, ungirt, of repelling countenance.
You, herder of bulls, queen and mistress of the whole world,
Leader, nymph, mountain-roaming nurturer of youth, maiden,
I beseech you to come to these holy rites,
Ever with joyous heart and ever favoring the oxherd
Tonight I lit lavender incense and gave herb bread, honey, and pinot noir in fulfillment of the covenant made now over twenty years ago with the Goddess, at this, the time of my menstruation. Guide, Guardian, and Giver of blessings, She has been a powerful force in my life these many years. Wisdom and prosperity are Her gifts, and Her domain spans earth, sea, and sky. I am very blessed to be Her priestess and servant.

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