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Thursday, May 29, 2014

A little tired tonight

One of my co-workers mentioned today that sometimes it seems the 'short' weeks with holidays seem longer than others. This week has been very busy, plus for whatever reason I wound up with a cluster of doctor's appointments. Yesterday was my ophthalmologist, today the endocrinologist. I learned that I really should go to see the ophthalmologist in the later afternoon, as it takes several hours for eyes to recover from the dilation. My vision was blurry, and of course I was sensitive to the lights in my office. I had trouble reading things on the screen to the point where I had to put my head up and look through the bifocal part of my glasses to see. Right now I have a morning appointment in December, but I'm thinking that's going to have to change.

My endocrinologist gave me a new metre today that hooks up to a computer and downloads the data, syncing it into a tracking program. I tried it out today and I like it very much. My old one still works, but it's probably about thirteen or fourteen years old and had no way to do that. The new one is a One Touch Verio IQ. I thought she'd give me a prescription for one, but they had one on hand they could give me. Yay!

Both appointments went pretty well. I dreaded today's especially, because my blood sugar's been up. She put me back on Invokana, but at a lower dose to try to prevent the side effects I was having. I'm going to try to make some changes in my lifestyle, really work on them this time. She wants me to lose 30 lbs to help increase my sensitivity to insulin. I'd really like to start walking more but my knee is still giving me issues if I overuse it. However, my pool at the apartment complex is now open, so perhaps I can do a workout in it without the stress on my joints.

This week I've applied for a job, run a friend to appointments, gone to the pharmacy, did my own appointments, watched 'The 100' and 'The Big Bang Theory', and I've worked a lot on the revenue cycle issues at work. Tomorrow I really need to get a book order in to our vendor. Through July 15th there is a special being run that ups our discount on one order. I've had two people really wanting access to the current Publication Manual of the American Psychological Associatio, and it would be nice to get it soon so they can use it for school and research. So it's definitely on my to do list, as well as getting the referral queue down. But I'll get it done, I'm sure. At least it's a light clinic day, so I can concentrate on those things rather than a lot of data entry, hopefully.

Okay, I really think it would be best to go get some rest. I have something I need to do very early in the morning, and so I'm going to turn in early. But I'm very glad tomorrow is Friday!

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