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Thursday, May 01, 2014

So there were actually three things wrong with the car

  1. The motor for the blower (air conditioner/defroster/heater, all of which are no working noislessly)
  2. A part that my car has instead of a distributor, called a crank sensor and synchroniser [which tells the engine how to fire]
  3. A serpentine belt [which was making noise and now the car is very, very quiet]
Grand total: $724.73. Thank goodness for credit cards, that I could take care of it without freaking. But, wow. And this is a place I trust which doesn't push things on you or make unnecessary repairs. Apparently the synchroniser, if left as it was, might have broken completely and caused damage to the engine. The parts were almost $450, the labour $250. But the car is running amazingly well now, so I'm glad I took care of it and didn't just think the gas was the problem.

Speaking of gas, I'd noticed certain premium gas places like Shell and BP had gone up to $3.79 for gas today, but Speedway and Kroger were still lower. I also realised that, this being the last day to use my gas points from Kroger, I should stop by and see what I could save. Turns out for April I had 50 cents off a gallon, so I got the gast at $3.03. Yay!

It's been a very busy day, especially for being off work. I:
  1. Rode on the bus for three hours (two back, one to the garage)
  2. Got the car fixed
  3. Went to Office Depot and got a few things I needed, almost all of which were purple :)
  4. Went to Dairy Queen and had dinner (they have a nifty fountain dispenser with a touchscreen and one spigot, where you choose your drink and flavouring on screen)
  5. Went to the library
  6. Did actually work some on the house
  7. Visited YKWIA and A
  8. Watched 'The 100'
  9. Fixed something with the computer and the printer over there
  10. Walked a lot (see previous post for phone screenshot)
I still need to work some on the house (I did nap a bit today, too, especially after riding the bus home, as I'd gotten up early and walked much). But it was a good day off.

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