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Sunday, September 14, 2003

You can't escape laundry, even in fiction...

listening to: 'To the Other Side' by Mother Jane
feeling: Productive (doing laundry)

...as is aptly presented on Tomato Nation's site. Oh, and they're great for after-laundry hanger wrestling, too.

It's been a pretty decent weekend, although I slept through the first half of it. Today was a typical Cthulhu game. We got attacked by a zombie doctor and one of the characters--my character's half-brother--had his hand cleaved off (yay for rolling a better luck roll for me), so our great-grandmother, who's a ghost, materialised and performed first aid as my character attempted to kill the undead. I wasn't having much like until I managed to get him into a hold, truss him up, and throw him into a tub of sulphuric acid that the undead cultist happened to leave around. So, we're all set to escape, and I suddenly remember this is the one character of mine that cannot drive a car (hey, she's a princess, why should she ever need to learn). Needless to say, the ghost was not amused; she had to spend more of her essence to drive, then took my character home to discover that her great-granddaughter had been sending everything to the dry cleaners and eating hardly anything because after that near-fatal attack by cultists that had almost taken out her maid six months before, she had tried to do everything on her own, to disastrous results. So the game ended with the great monster fighter being taught how to sort laundry.

Dwana says the game always sounds like a soap opera. It is in a way, as we trip from one apocalypse to another. And the sad thing is, we're gluttons for punishment; we just keep coming back for more. If it sounds violent, keep in mind nothing is actually harmed in the playing of this game, and there's no graphic violence like, say, in video games.

And it did have one benefit...it left me realising I needed to do my own laundry before work tomorrow. :)

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