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Saturday, September 13, 2003


It's amazing how wonky you can feel even if your blood sugar's just a little up. Yesterday after I got out of work I just crashed. I got up briefly to watch the local news, then went back to bed. So it was about 14 hours altogether. I think I needed it, but I felt almost hung over this morning. Checked my blood sugar and it was 134. I don't know if that means it was higher and had gone down, or if it raised the longer I slept. Either's possible. I ate pretty well yesterday, though, and took my meds, so I'm inclined to think it was just from being asleep. Diabetes can be a kind of viscious cycle though--the further lower or higher you get, you more tired you feel, the wonkier everything gets. At one point yesterday I tried to talk on the phone and wasn't making much sense. I don't know why I was so tired. I've slept pretty well this week, although last week was more stressful and maybe I still hadn't caught up. Anyway, I'm up, I've taken a bath to get some of the achiness out, eaten and gone out for a brief walk, so I feel better already. Now I'm finishing breakfast, having a little Diet Pepsi for caffeine, listening to Powerpuff Girls, and catching up on things.

I was shocked to hear about John Ritter's collapse and death. It sounds like it was very quick, at least. But he was a year or two younger than my parents! I feel sorry for his family and also for those on his show--it was very much driven by his personality, so I don't know how it will continue. John Ritter had a great ability at physical comedy...he would fall down over a sofa and make it look easy. He made us laugh. Sometimes I think comedy is the greatest contribution someone can give to the world--to make others laugh rather than hate. Johnny Cash's was not so unexpected, but still...as someone who grew up on 'old country', I tend to equate country music with Johnny Cash. He blended humour and melancholy very well. I loved 'A Boy Named Sue' and the one about slowly putting together a Cadillac from embezzled parts when I was a kid. Okay, so maybe it's not the most moral of songs, but it was still great. I loved listening to 'If I were a Carpenter' with June Carter Cash. I always thought it was such a shame he had so much trouble with addictions, but it seemed like he triumphed over them in the end. They'll both be missed.

I'm up a little early and watching Saturday morning cartoons (hey, I'm a responsible adult the rest of the week, so I'm entitled to a little childlike bliss, don't you think? Besides, the Grim Aventures of Billy and Mandy, like so much else on Cartoon Network, is not really just for kids) Spock is sitting here by my side. Buns slept on my pillow all night. He's looking so much better. I don't know what the change has been, but he actually looks like himself again. His hair is growing back and the places he'd licked himself raw are actually getting smaller and trying to heal. I did switch to a new food that's formulated especially for indoor cats that has greens in it. I don't know if that had anything to do with it or not.

I had strange dreams that I can barely remember now but were full of mystery, dysfunctional family dynamics, sort of Omen-like, although I never got to the end. It was, however, very cinematic, building in suspense but with a little melodrama akin to a Lifetime movie.

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