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Friday, September 19, 2003

Catalogue that!

listening to: 'Drowsey Maggie' by the Chieftains
feeling: Sleepy

I was intrigued by a short story concept described in the current Newsweek. Seems a writer named Shelley Jackson had an idea to produce a short story one word at a time...having each tattooed onto a volunteer's body. The story (called 'Skin') itself will not be published for the public--only her 'words' receive the whole thing.

I'm not really into tattoos (having basically overcome the prejudice of my youth that only bikers and convicts had them to the point where I'm like, well, they're okay, but I don't want something permanent that will fade/bleed/look awful when I'm old/cause pain). But that's a really interesting concept, and depending on where the tattoo is, a great conversation starter. I mean, someone just has 'if' tattooed on? What is that supposed to mean? So, if you are into writing, or tattoos, or just wondering, like me, how the hell you archive that one...check it out. Maybe photos of the tattoos, at least so the writer has a version? Brain hurt. Going to bed now.

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