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Sunday, September 07, 2003

And there was much rejoicing...

Well, the happy couple survived in the Call of Cthulhu game survived the Ancient Midget Nazi Shamans (see yesterday's post) and are now married and on their way to the Florida Everglades for their honeymoon. I should have never let the mother of the bride and our secretary run amok--the bride wore her grandmother's dress (thank goodness for empire waists) but the bridesmaids had typically frilly dresses and the veil had silver maple leaves (the bride in Canadian). I promise that if I ever get married again in real life, I will not allow frilly bridesmaid's gowns that cannot be used for anything else.

Of course, I shouldn't complain; this only happened after Tessa was stabbed many times and nearly exsanguinated (that seems to be the main way my characters suffer), and of course Raleigh was crispied last time. The baby is safe--Tessa has a self-healing ability that the baby has apparently inherited. It took much magical healing on the parts of several others in the wedding party, but the only discernable difference when everything was said and done was that Raleigh had to cut his hair down to a burr. Tessa had to explain to his friends that they had not raised a difficult child, but rather a psychotic, manipulative small man. (She never told them he wasn't actually human, or that, after he blasted Raleigh, she beat his head to a pulp). Ah, Cthulhu. It gets your juices going. Once again, we owe a lot to Brenda's character CeCe, who came in and basically kept us alive and brought in reinforcements to mop up the last of the AMNS.

Worst sanity-stealing moment: Not the sharp gnashy teeth. Not the cave with its crude paintings and a store of weapons and candy. No, it was when Brenda's character found a house on Morning Glory Circle that had not been touched, and spoke to a nice couple, Sam and Darrin, who had a little girl. Any Bewitched fans out there? Brain. So. Hurt.

Back in reality, it was distressing to hear that Brenda's bottle lamb, Trevor, was apparently mauled by a wild dog and may have to be put down. She's never seen a lamb injured so badly survive. I think it's lasted a week, but with infection and also damage to the nerve that works its tongue. She's going to try to get a liquid supplement down it, but if it can't drink tonight, she'll probably have to put it down tomorrow. She's lost several sheep over the years to wild dogs and coyotes. I hope Trevor makes it, or at the very least won't suffer. I don't think I could keep livestock--there's always something going on.

Today I've:

Watched part of My Fair Lady
Played the game (obviously)
Eaten at Subway
And need to get some laundry done before work tomorrow...I start the new schedule so I may do some tomorrow morning instead of lugging stuff in the dark tonight.

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