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Saturday, September 27, 2003


listening to:Pre-release of Sacred Love by Sting at VH1.com)
feeling: Tired with a headache

1. I saw the movie Underworld today. It did a decent job with the action and special effects, although it didn't really have much in the way of plot or development. Unfortunately I haven't read the Nancy Collins short story that inspired the folks at White Wolf to sue, but I must admit, it has a very World of Darkness feel to it. If your aim is to watch Kate Beckinsale run around in black leather for the duration shooting lots of things and check out some good action moves, though, it was fine, and I enjoyed that part. :) I first saw her in Cold Comfort Farm, which is absolutely hilarious. So, this was quite a different role, but I think she did a decent job. The film itself lacked depth, but what little it had she imparted. Oh, and the werewolf changes and vampire mansion were very spiffy. There is one move, at the climax, where my years of playing in the game made me know exactly what she had done, although it was not immediately apparent. It was a great move. If you took Kate Beckinsale and a young Mädchen Amick and put them together, with grey-green eyes instead of blue, you'd get my character Tessa that I've blogged about. I could see Tessa doing that move. She's the one who once lept over a crowd of cultists and somersaulted to the top of an interdimensional gate to seal it and save the day.

2. Dwana left a message for me this evening. They were at Logan airport getting ready to come home. They won't be in until late, so I guess she wanted to let me know things were going well. Here's wishing them a safe journey.

3. I saw a great pillow at Jo-Beth. It had a screenprint of Munch's The Scream on it, and if you squeezed it, it screamed. Not a bad novelty item.

4. I watched Dido's 'White Flag' video on VH1.com again, and I didn't realise the first time that although David Boreananz' character has a shrine to her in his apartment, she has pictures of him all over her apartment, too. So I guess it's a matter of mutual attraction, rather than stalking. Thought I should point that out, since I'd mentioned it before.

5. Random question for the day...why is it that when you get a bag of cat litter, especially the pine litter, your cat decides he must sleep on top of it? Those pellets must give it a bean-bag quality for the kitty.

6. Never mix Irish and Jewish traditions together. Otherwise you nosh the Salmon of Knowledge with a little cream cheese on a bagel. Finnegus becomes Finagle. It really hurts the brain. So does assigning people in Harry Potter various tribes from Werewolf: the Apocalypse, but this is what happens when people spend too much time typing in stuff for the game (if anyone is interested in the results, let me know; that was a little too esoteric to post here, I think).

7. Part of me wants to play online and do a little writing, but I really have a bad headache and I think I may turn in early. Time to dislodge the cat and let the doggie out, although with the rain starting and it getting a little nippy, I'm not sure she'll go. 'Night.

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