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Saturday, September 06, 2003

Ah, the workweek is over...

I don't know why, all things considered, but I'm feeling rather happy at the moment. I got some rest, for one--a nap of about 5 hours without actually crashing until the next day, after escaping work and having a nice afternoon. Dwana took me out to get the diatomaceous earth, so I can wage war against the flea infestation this weekend. The weather was beautiful, the first cool, autumny day we've had. Kentucky weather in autumn is usually quite nice; fairly dry, cool but by that I mean 60s and 70s not colder, and the sky takes on a beautiful deep blue colour. We wandered through the nursery. There was a beautiful dark purple elephant ear I'd never seen. The people were super nice, too.

Then we went and checked out the new Wild Oats store that just opened out by Jo-Beth. I have to admit, it's great having another natural foods market, and this is directly on the bus line. I'm a little concerned about how it will affect the co-op. But the prices were very much in line with one another, so I don't think there's a problem with price undercutting. They both have similar buying power--Good Foods, although local, is part of a network of food cooperatives. Here's how I think they compare:

Good Foods | Wild Oats
More diverse selection | Nicer environment
Experienced clerks | More clerks on floor
Locally owned | Nationwide base
Rebates given to owners | Discount card in the works
Decades in business | 16 years in business
Local products | Generic products
Off bus line | On bus line
Larger selection of unique gifts/non-food items/books | Larger selection of specialty meats/prepared food, fresh produce
Registered dieticians and other professionals available for consult | Cool black and purple carts/children's racing carts/cartports
Allows members to write cheques for over amount | ATM on site
Less traffic to navigate | Near a major mall/bookstore/traffic
Encourages people to recycle plastic bags by bringing them in and reusing but they fall apart | Has strong paper bags with handles

Overall, I think they each have their merits. I think Lexington is big enough to sustain both; I just think they'll both have to make sure they get the word out. I've seen both put circulars in the paper, for example, but not at the same time. Since both tend to spotlight certain items for sale, I think comparison shopping will be important for me.

One thing I didn't mention above, because I don't know how the new store compares, is that GFC has a lot of recycling bins behind the store that you can bring your recycleables in and drop off there. Although most of Lexington is covered by the Rosie recycling containers, apartments don't tend to be, so this can be great for environmentally-friendly apartment dwellers. Since I haven't been behind WO, I don't know if they have something similar or what their recycling policies are. Their bags have printed this nice little tidbit on the bottom (yes, I read bag print and cereal boxes too): 'please use this bag again and again, or turn it inside out and paint a picture, wrap a package, make a mask, write a really big love letter or a letter to your congressperson'. :)

Also, I spent the day in my first ever sports bra, and it was amazingly comfortable. I wanted something that wouldn't get in the way at the gym (although I don't think I'm going to run around in just a sports bra any time soon! It's a bit of a challenge to find one when you're...ahem...bosomly-endowed, so the only one I could find was a navy and red striped one that I call my Freddy Krueger bra. (Okay, I know, Freddy Krueger wears an olive green and red shirt, but I think you get the picture). It's comfortable enough to sleep in, and has a T-back that encourages better posture. I think I'm going to go to an all-sports-bra wardrobe--there's much more support than I'd thought there'd be. I thought it would be like some of those built-shelves they put in swimsuits, which are pretty pathetic, but no. There was a really neat one, a size too small, that was reversable from navy to white. Ah, practicality and comfort. The best thing? The bra I got, which was not even on sale, was 4 bucks. Men, you probably have no idea, but a decent bra usually runs anywhere from $8-$30, and the price usually goes up for full-figured styles.

I also found some $15 shoes for the gym. My old ones died a horrible death by coming apart and it was making it harder to do the treadmill. It's frustrating because I know I probably need to spring for a good pair that will last awhile, but I just don't have the money with my hours going down. So, I tried to find the cheapest-sturdiest-cushiony ones I could find, which is one reason I was at Walmart yesterday for three hours. I may not be able to buy much, but I tried on a lot. :) These are men's 6 1/2 wides (yes, I have a square foot), but oddly enough, they're white. They have this air system of cushion that's kind of interesting to get used to. The more you walk, the more air is generated between the heel and toe areas, and that buildup cushions the feet. It's the first time in awhile that my feet haven't hurt, and I don't think I need my inserts...this will also help prevent plantar fasciitis from all the walking I've been doing. The best thing, too, is that starting Monday, Dwana, her friend Heather, and I will be able to work out together, and I can get them to teach me the mysteries of some of the weight machines.

Well, I'm going to sign off for now. I have a cat nestled here on the keyboard and a full day of plans for tomorrow (gaming, laundry, and flea-busting!) 'Night.

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