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Sunday, September 07, 2003

Blogging about blogging

I'm really pretty rabid about updating this blog, which is great considering I've been trying to keep a diary since I was about six with no success. It's bad to have OCD with paper journals--you keep ripping out pages and starting over till you get it right, which you never do. Computers good. However, I can't seem to keep up more than one. I've tried to do a couple others--one a fictional story by blog, the other about things like going the gym, mental health, etc., so that didn't clutter up this one. But...it's no good. If I tried to add quick links, I invariably hit the Blog This! button and sent it straight to the wrong one. And I've found I just pretty much update this blog maniacally, leaving any other as the forgotten sibling. So, I guess you'll just have to slog through this one alone. I am working on indexing things so it'll be a little easier to navigate, eventually. Hope that helps. In the meantime, I'm flying solo.

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