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Thursday, September 11, 2003

I. Hate. Mad Scientists.

I went ahead and played the Cthulhu game tonight, going through Tessa and Raleigh's honeymoon on a houseboat in the Florida Everglades. Two weeks of sun, nature, cuddling, etc., etc. That is, until we hit a bad storm and the alligator men came on board.

Yeah. Alligator men. Don't you love horror? Not to mention the mad scientist who injected Tessa with some sort of serum that has apparently caused an unknown mutation in her unborn child. The scientist was attempting to grow nerves, using animals and humans as guinea pigs with amputation, transplants, etc. At one point he and his minion tried to take Tessa and implant mutated alligator neurons into her brain with some idea that it would allow telepathic communication with the creatures. It wouldn't have. It would have just driven her mad with homicidal rage. Stupid mad scientist.

But the honeymoon is over. They're driving back to Massachusetts as Tessa heals her broken arm. Tessa gets to plan the next trip--she's not sure she wants Raleigh to ever do it again. Oh, and the adventure's epilogue?

A gobbet of alligator-man flesh floats along the swamp writhing with the still-growing neurons, until being eaten by four small turtles.

If you don't get it, maybe this will help: Heroes in a half-shell, turtle power! I love this adventure collection (Blood Brothers). Evil, but loveable.


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