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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

So how did your week start?

listening to: 'The Remedy' by Jason Mraz; 'Blurry' by Puddle of Mudd; 'Going Under' by Evanescence
feeling: A little worried

Mine was alright, except I forgot to drop my electric bill payment by KU this weekend, so I didn't get it in until after work and they'd already turned off the electricity. But it's back on. I'm just kicking myself--I was in area three times this weekend and just literally forgot, even though I had it with me. I did call this morning to see if I could get a reprieve, but no such luck.

On the good news front a couple more jobs opened in the area, so I'm going to send in my applications tomorrow (and hopefully I've used up my quota of procrastination this week on the electric bill).

Dwana called me this morning. Flying with sinus problems seems to have made her feel worse, so she was staying home today. This time of year, although beautiful, wreaks havoc on people with allergies or sinus problems.

Today was nippier than it has been in awhile. I actually wore a sweater today, and I'm fairly warm-natured. As I was waiting for the bus to go downtown, I was struck by the beauty of the wildflowers (some would say weeds) growing along the little stream that wends along the golf course. Yes, this is the same one I blog a lot...it's just on the other side of the road at that point and smaller. But it had masses of pink jewelweed and some other airy flowers that were white. I could hear crickets and various other insects; they almost drowned out the sounds of traffic. The flowers rather reminded me of masses of heather you see in Britain.

I managed to get downtown, pay my bill, and get back on the bus headed out before they left. But I hadn't been on the Woodhill bus since the routes changed and didn't realise it was going to turn right before the stop I had planned to get off at. Since I didn't want to get out on the busier road, I went ahead and rode it on around and back. Then I picked up some bread from Great Harvest, paid another bill, and went home. I took Cerys out and she enjoyed a long roll in the grass and sunning herself in the courtyard. Then, I took a nap. I think the whole trying to make do with the reduced hours and pay bills, etc. is starting to get to me. I'm a little worried. I hope one of these jobs pans out. I'd be making nearly twice what I make now, with good benefits, and I'd get to increase my experience and scope of library service. I keep telling myself that every day I'm doing a little to help things improve. But it's not very encouraging.

Okay, that's a little depressing. I may go check out a Monday quiz.

Oh. 'Unwell' by Matchbox 20 just came on the radio. How appropriate. I love that song, though. It's good to remind me that compared to how I was a year or two ago I'm doing much better. Even with the stress. I did find myself crying yesterday despite the fact that I couldn't blame PMS, etc. I think it's just been getting to me, so I need to keep a handle on distress tolerance and mindfullness.

:) I just looked over at my aquarium (one nice stress reducer). I have a new crop of baby mollies, and my plecostomus, which tends to hide a lot and then come out at night, is out foraging. I sometimes go weeks without seeing him. Her? How can you tell? Mollies I can sex...glass-sucking algae eaters are harder. Anyway...I know it's just a little thing, but it's kind of helping my mood.

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