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Thursday, September 25, 2003

I'm against smoking in most public spaces, but I have to admit...

I'm sort of surprised that when they passed the smoking ban, they didn't exempt cigar bars along with tobacco shops. It would seem like they would be similar businesses; nor do most people go to one for any reason other than to smoke. But they didn't, so one local downtown bar is going to go to a British pub format rather than continue as it is now. Nicholson's, which I think is part of DeSha's restaurant, is going to the new format in November. In the meantime, they're having a last hurrah this weekend and then will still sell cigars, especially since the Keeneland meet is coming up, although they won't be able to smoke in the bar.

If I'd had a hand in drafting the ordinance, I'd probably exempt cigar bars or any other business that revolves around tobacco in some way. Of course, as a non-smoker who particular hates the smell of cigar (pipes okay, cigars yucky and make me want to throw-up), I probably wouldn't have thought of it, either, so I really can't blame the council on that one. Or, maybe they thought bars might use it as a loophole; if they called themselves 'cigar bars' they could get around the ban. I don't know. But the people at Nicholson's seemed to have the situation in hand.

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