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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Ghost in the Stacks?

I was checking out the blogs mentioned in the Kernel and on Broken Train. Besides giving some context to a quote from the article about beating up defenceless stuffed animals (it happened when he was a kid, and not the other day, like the article implied) he's posted a picture of the geology library, where he works. Several of UK's libraries are supposed to be haunted. For a brief moment, I thought the picture was of M.I. King, the main library for most of my tenure there--the shelves, floor, oh, everything looks the same. At M.I. King, those sounds at night could easily be amorous couples...years and years ago the same area that was the Honours lounge and then the College of Library Science's computer lab when I was in working on my MSLS--yes it was a college then, not a school--was a separate study room which could lock. One guy who'd worked in the library then told me that part of his job was to go knock on the door and ascertain that no one was having sex up there before they locked up for the night.

Heaven helps us if the Young Library (the new main library, which makes a better museum building in its layout, one in the Land of Giants, than a library, but that's another post) gets to be haunted. See, all the stacks in the new library are electronic moveable shelving. They had to do that to get all the books onto the shelves when they combined collections. Of course, they're supposed to be safe, but I have it on good authority that when the place opened the librarians put a desk in between a couple of shelves to prove its safety and they didn't stop closing....Anyway....can you imagine? It's a dark and storm night and a student is stretching up to see if she can read the title on a book spine when suddenly, far from her vision, the light changes from red to green...and the shelves begin to move.

Muhaha. Go to the blog. Be scared by the library toilet. Hee hee. Okay, Spock just fell asleep on my keyboard, his head thunking onto the function keys. Definitely time to go.

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