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Friday, September 26, 2003

No new Friday Five this time...

listening to: 'Kodachrome' by Paul Simon
feeling: :(

They're taking a break till next week. They do that every now and then, and I can see why. So, in lieu of FF here's a similar get-to-know-you-kind alphabet thing:

A- Appetizer of choice: spinach artichoke dip and pita bread
B- Best friend: Starts with D :)
C- Choice of meat: None, actually, seeing as fish is parve.
D- Dream date: Nestled together under the stars at the beach watching meteors fall and listening to the water ebb and flow.
E- Exciting adventure: My life is an ongoing adventure. And going anywhere with Dwana, it seems.
F- Favorite food: A garden-ripened tomato with a bit of salt.
G- Greatest accomplishment: Learning to love myself.
H- Happiest day of your life: The day my divorce became final.
I- Interesting fact: The Joshua Tree, which grows in the Mojave Desert, is not a tree but is actually a yucca, and therefore a member of the lily family. When I was in junior high school, I lived in the Mojave and I remember their wild deranged-spider arms fondly. A lot of older science fiction movies were filmed in the Mojave. I guess the plants look alien and helped make the landscape look otherworldly.
J- Joke: I'm really not good at telling jokes. I always screw up the punchline...I prefer to see the humour in every day life.
K- Kool-Aid: I'm still scarred by those nasty capsules my mom put in my Kool-Aid as a kid; thank you, no. How about juice?
L- Lover: of chocolate. Preferably on a lover.
M- Marriage: I did that once. I don't think I ever will again unless I'm sure. And I'm a romantic with high standards.
N- Name: Lisa, Elisabeth, Eilir, depending on who you are.
O- Obsession: Names and their meanings. Well, and blogging, apparently.
P- Pizza toppings: Tomatoes and spinach. Green peppers and onions are optional. Mushrooms and olives are doable. Anchovies are right out.
Q- Question asked to you the most: Can you help me with the copier?
R- Radio station: CD 106. Launch Yahoo!, which isn't really radio, but still...
S- Sex: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.
T- Television shows: MI5, Charmed, Without a Trace, CSI, that sort of thing
U- Underwear: Cotton.
V- Video: The Mummy/Mummy Returns
W- Winter: Um...can we skip that this year? Last one was enough for awhile.
X- X-ray: Vision? Cool. Can I have it?
Y- Year born: 1967
Z- Zodiac sign: Aries

Grabbed this randomly from Nic's blog.

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