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Monday, September 15, 2003

Nifty machines to play with

listening to: 'What You Need' by INXS; 'Are You Happy Now?' by Michelle Branch
feeling: Pumped

Tonight I went over to the gym and worked out with Dwana, Eric, and Heather. I tried a lot more of the weight machines this time. The abdominal ones are hardest for me. The legs and back are the easiest, though (so long as I'm not doing curls where my knees take a lot of the weight). I did the treadmill and biking first, then did about 10 reps on about eight of the machines. Each one is marked with diagrammes explaining their use, and except for the leg press, I'm putting only about 15 lbs on each rep (the leg press I feel most comfortable doing 75 lbs). So now I'm pretty pumped up and listening to some upbeat music. Okay, maybe not upbeat--but good for activity, anyway. :)

Funny, I never saw myself having fun at a gym.

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