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Thursday, September 18, 2003

Learning about the male psyche through blogging

I have to admit, I've had very little experience with the heterosexual males of the species. As much as I do sometimes think I was raised on a different planet from my fellow women (can you say fellow women?), I do normally understand the basics of the female psyche, even if I'm not particularly a girly girl who likes to shop at the mall.

But guys...well, guys are a lot more complicated than they let on, even though we lie to ourselves and say they're pretty much satisfied with food, beer, and sex. Which is why I like peeking into the male psyche by reading fellow bloggers.

One of my favourites is Wil Wheaton. Yeah, the guy from Star Trek, who is now in his 30s and, it turns out, a regular guy who's also very funny. His recent post on lawn care gave me some insight as to why yard work seems to be so important to many males. Dwana's husband seems to thrive off of mowing lawns so much, he does it for several others, and is meticulous in terms of the trimming, etc. It's like a artform. Oddly enough, I was pointed to Will Wheaton by another male, a friend of Dwana's. For someone who has pretty much been surrounded by gay men all her life--even married one, thank you--it's interesting to see that heterosexual males, like their gay brothers, are not just walking stereotypes. I really must explore this further. I feel like some sort of anthropologist or primatologist observing her prey in the wild.

Maybe I need to meet men in my life that I can actually talk to, you think?

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