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Thursday, September 25, 2003

Am I the only one out there who finds accents sexy?

listening to: 'Interview with Stuart Adamson' (Big Country)
feeling: Sniffly, sneezy, coughy without rest

I'm listening to an interview with Stuart Adamson of Big Country. I love listening to a Scottish man (note Sean Biggerstaff's site, on the blogroll, too. One of these days I really must get a Scottish man. :) I just melt and it makes me feel like I've come home. Irish is lovely. Welsh soft and endearing. Virginia Tidewater is sexy in it's own right. But nothing is quite so wonderful of a rolling Scottish accent saying something like 'world' (worrelled)--but I'm probably biased due to my Scottish roots and the fact that our family still calls ewes 'yoes'. Ah. I don't know why some women just fall over accents, but I do. Nearly every time I hear a particularly pleasing one. Do guys do this? Does anyone fall for an American or Canadian accent? I can remember listening to my geology professor, Ciaran O'Hara, and his lovely Irish lilt, and very little of the lecture matter. Fortunately I'd had a long history of rock collecting as a hobby, so I didn't fail, but if I had, I'd have to blame the accent. I swear, you could probably get the most pimply, wretched-looking guy with an accent in America, and girls would fall over him as long as he kept talking--especially Brits, Irish, and Aussies. Even Dave Matthews, who has a fairly slight South African accent, sounds sexy. So guys...take note.

And now the Chieftains are playing. Ah. It's better than medicine.

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