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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

:( Oh.

Gordon Jump of WKRP and Maytag Ads Dies

I loved WKRP, and not just because it had a setting with which I was familiar. Gordon Jump was wonderful at being bumbling but sweet. I wonder if that was his nature or if he was just good at acting that way?

PS Should I be concerned that I can hear a train outside and there is no train line nearer than say, on the other side of UK or downtown, 2 miles away?

Also, Blog*Spot seems to be down; I can post via Blogger and my Google Toolbar (a very handy search bar that doubles as a pop-up blocker, which is why they built in a 'Blog This!' feature in), but I can't view my blog or for that matter any of the others hosted there. It must be a sign that I should be in bed by now. Ta.

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