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Friday, September 19, 2003

Well, at least there's some good news

listening to: 'Along with the Girls' by the Corrs
feeling: Calmer

On my home tonight on the bus, I suddenly realised my math was off. I'll be getting about $86 a week from unemployment. So, next week's cheque should be double that, and so on...which isn't a lot more, but it's enough to pay my rent and maybe get some groceries.

Also, when I got home I got a statement from my medical reimbursement account. Basically, I get $10 before taxes I put in the account every paycheque and then when I have co-pays or medicine out-of-pocket expenses, I send in the receipts and get a cheque back. I wasn't sure how much I had left, so I haven't asked for anything back since about May or June (I have until March of 2004 to make claims for 2003). Turns out that I have a balance of $120 and still several pay periods left to go this year. I've probably spent nearly that much in medicine, and I've kept the receipts...so that's a little money back anyway. And I have two more jobs to apply for. So...things are looking up, I guess.

PS Never dismiss a warning to be careful just because it's daylight outside and you can't imagine problems walking down to a sandwich shop. Really, with my record of grace, it was a good call. I managed to get attacked by a wayward sidewalk that had a section rise about three inches on just one corner--the one I tried to walk through. Yeah. I fell again. Really, I don't normally fall this often. And I'm good at scanning forward without watching my feet all the time like I used to. It was just an issue of depth perception--there was no obvious break. Sigh. Just a little scraped up, at least. I fell into a bunch of yew berries and made sure I washed my hands well before eating my sandwich...I'm pretty sure they're poisonous and didn't want to add to the drama.


I wish I'd had ballet or some other dance or gymnastic lessons as a child. I would have sucked big time, but maybe I'd be a little more graceful, compared to the leaden feet I have now, anyway. It's awful to have a spirit of a dancer inside a clumsy oaf of a body.

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