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Thursday, July 31, 2003

The continuing saga...

Today: The Staple Guy

The guy who couldn't hang around for a minute or two yesterday to look at my copier and determine what staples they should be sending did come today.

Guy: These aren't the right staples.
Me: Yes, I know.
Guy: They're not even just staples. They've sent you an entire unit. The staples should be a little cube of staples.
Me: So can you tell them what I need?
Guy: Let me look...
[much poking about]
Guy, calling on cell phone: Yes, they (meaning me) didn't make a mistake. They were sent the wrong staples. [Technical description]
Guy: I don't know why they were sending you those staples. They didn't have any finisher listed for you at all. But we think this number on the box is in the computer wrong. It's sort of like a website where you have the wrong URL.
Me: Yes, that's what we thought. So, do they know what to send now?
Guy: They're going to research it and find out where the error is. I'll check back with them later.
Guy then proceeds to show me how the mythical staples, should they ever arrive, fit into the cartridge, after a couple of false tries. He then runs a report.
Guy: I see a lot of 501 errors here.
Me: Yes, sometimes people don't get the paper aligned right and it gives an error on tray 1. I've called and they've told me to turn it off and back on to reset. Any suggestions on preventing that from happening.
[Guy then proceeds to lecture me on the proper paper loading technique. I know how to load the $^%$^ paper, thank you. It's the rest of the yahoos who can't take the time to be careful we have to worry about. At some point he has a phone conversation with the tech we used to have, telling him about the discovery and possible problem for this model. Eventually, he leaves.]
Me: Asshole.

(Fortunately the only person to hear this was one of the computer tech guys, which is ironic, I guess. We have a discussion about pedantic guys who treat women like they don't know how to wipe their own bottoms when it comes to technology. Further irony, I suppose, since some women at work seem to react to him like that, but really, he doesn't dismiss people for not knowing anything because of what they are, but, well, because they usually don't know what they're talking about, at least in terms of tech. Which is why he doesn't treat me that way. I'm up front about what I don't understand, and usually ask about things I don't understand, and he's happy to explain. I take it as a learning opportunity. Others may take it as patronising, I guess.)

Later I get a phone call from the guy, who has researched the problem himself and discovered the correct staples to be sent. I will not call this the thrilling conclusion. That will be when I actually have the freaking staples in the machine and working. But, at least it's progress, right?

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