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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Thank goodness Monday's over

And for those who may be concerned, all of my pets were fine when I got home tonight. Buns seems to have had his stomach settle. Spock is as oblivious as ever, of course, and Darius is perched high on one of the bookshelves imperially surveying his terrain. Cerys does not realise it yet, but tonight, she gets to be VIP--Very Important Pet. Meaning that she, and not the cats, will be allowed in the bedroom. She's a cuddler and not given to bouncing on my face at night. Hurrah!

All in all it was a good day, although a weird one. Who knows what could lie ahead on Tuesday? Tune in tomorrow for another chapter of The Rabid Librarian's Adventures in Lisaland: A Cautionary Tale.

PS As much as I like the Lucida font in theory, it really screwed up my ability to use italics. So, off with its head, and on to other, more standard fonts!

Oh, gee, I really should just go to bed, right?

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