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Thursday, July 03, 2003

Want to meetup?

International Blog Meetup day in 13 days (Wednesday, July 16th). The idea is to get together with other bloggers in your area and actually socialise, talk, whatever. You can signup:


There's 5 of us from Lexington so far (including another librarian!) and almost 5000 worldwide. The idea is to meet at 7pm local time. You can vote for your local venue, too. (Choices for the Bluegrass: Common Grounds, Lynagh's--both in Lexington and Corner Pocket in Nicholasville.) Ooohh...please pick a Lexington site; I can't get there otherwise.

PS I sent an email to MSF (see post below) to ask if they could use a volunteer medical librarian who could e-mail/fax lit searches, etc. I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.

I'm off tomorrow (yea!) for the July 4th holiday, but also Monday (double yea!) The only trouble with tomorrow is that the buses aren't running, so to get downtown for the festival I'll probably have to walk. But it's only a couple of miles, so hopefully it just won't be too hot. Then I'll come back for the fireworks display at the golf course near my house. :) Hope those of you celebrating have a safe holiday.

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