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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Today's Tidbits

From the would-you-like-fries-with-that department...Fast Food, Obesity, and Hospitals

I love this doctor's commentary, a snippet of which reads:
Recently, one of my colleagues, a cardiologist, confessed to me over a low-fat salad that it would be more intellectually honest if our hospital named its new Cardiovascular Center after Wendy's, as opposed to the donor who merely contributed 50 million bucks to its construction. "After all," he quipped, "the monetary gift is quickly spent, but with all these burgers and fries, the patients keep coming and coming as far as the eye can see."

[Medscape articles are free with registration]

Need to know what a lab test means?

Try Lab Tests Online

An institution falls to the oeconomy

The Medical Library Centre of New York is closing its doors after 43 years of service, yet another victim of the current sluggish oeconomy. For a tribute, see Founding Director Erich Meyerhoff's comments. To add your own to a collection of memories that will be archived, e-mail Robert Dempsey.

And no one seems immune--even 'the World's Greatest Philanthropy' is having difficulties

Shriners face financial crunch, and some of its children's hospitals may close
Shriners' hospital faces dilemma
Shriners hospitals in trouble...
Money woes may force cuts at Shriners hospitals
Struggling Shriners hospital in Minneapolis survives vote to shut down
Shriners Hospitals to expand system study

Want to support the Public Library of Science?

Here are some tools for you.

New website to address Arctic health concerns

Okay, I know, I live nowhere near the Arctic Circle. I just think this is really neat. Check it out at: www.arctichealth.org

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