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Thursday, July 10, 2003

Things to do tomorrow

1. Check on Dwana. She's had a very rough week (her blog just begins to tell the story). She's doing pretty well all things considered, but I'm worried about her. I felt today like the best thing I could do was just listen. She has to follow her heart, and she knows it. I know that what she's going through will eventually make her stronger. But it still sucks, you know?

2. E-mail our corporate Public Relations director and find out who took the place of the woman who was overseeing the website. I have a workgroup meeting and the changes we requested were not put into place before she left, and I have no idea who to address any new suggestions with. I wish I could just make the changes myself and FTP to the server. Sigh.

3. Get quarters for laundry at work. Be ready to do a load after work.

4. Get flea stuff for the cats. Cerys should be okay for a couple more months. But the fleas are eating the cats and me alive. My ankles are one big hive at this point.

5. Go to the grocery. Get some food and litter for the animals. Maybe some fruit.

6. Check out the great deal they have going through work for a gym a $16 per month.

7. Go through my bills and make some payments. Plan out the next month's worth.

This weekend:

1. Do some more typing for the grand HTML magnum opus for the game.

2. Do more laundry. Lots of laundry. (All that time I was going over to Zabet's I never did more than a load or two at a time, but I have some things that need to go to the garage sale/Goodwill, etc. and I probably have about eight loads altogether.)

3. Work on the study.

4. Take some books back to the library.

5. Read! Something. Anything. I haven't read another book since HP5.

6. Go see The League of Extraordinary Gentleman--I've been waiting months for this one, although I'm interested in seeing how different it is from the comic.

7. Game.

Next Week:

1. See if Dwana can go out for a movie/half-price appetizers, etc. She needs a break.

2. Meet up with other bloggers in the area, if possible.

Wow. I lead an exciting life, don't I?

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