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Monday, July 28, 2003

Somedays it doesn't pay to get in bed

And last night was one of them. After a rip-roaring gaming adventure which included 8 foot vampires, sickle-wielding ghouls, a pernickety old mage, near decapitation of a princess, and servitors of Glaaki--all on a train bound for New Orleans, I came home, did some work on the computer, and decided to take a nap. I'd started my period and felt a little icky. Although I did wake up briefly in the middle of the night to feed the animals and do my normal religious obligations, I spent most of the night in bed.


Spock jumped on my face not once, but twice, in the night. I now have a scratch on my lip (which hurts more than it should, that being a very tender spot) and on the side of my face. I feel like I've been bounced on in some sort of Mario Bros. game. Meanwhile, Buns was having a reaction to some new food and being very listless (at one time I tripped over him and he didn't move). His health has been on and off the last couple of years, and I was sitting there once again wondering if it were time to put him down if he didn't come out of his latest spell when he suddenly started havind diarrhoea all over the bed, the sheets, and me. So I stripped the bed, curled him up in a blanket (think diaper) and settled down touching him. After the second bouncing Spock episode, I came out to the living room for a little while and ate something. When I went to go back to bed, I discovered that Buns was NOWHERE to be found, Spock and Darius were now out of the bedroom, and so was Cerys. So I shut the door, put the CPAP back on, and settled down for some real sleep. At some point Cerys found a way in, but the rest of them stayed outside, which was fine with me.

This morning Buns seems much better. He just has these spells sometime where I think his system's trying to shut down and impending death is around the corner, then he's okay. It may have been the food. It may not have. But he's here on my keyboard as usual.

No one said it was easy being owned by cats (and a dog), especially geriatric ones. Still...tonight I may just leave the whole bunch back out of the bedroom. Then again, it's too quiet and I can't sleep if I do that. I need my pack as much as they need me. Grrrr....

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