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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Beware...the boobie fly

About three weeks ago I asked a co-worker if I should be concerned about a cyst or bite or something that had appeared on my breast. (There are advantages to working with this many nurses). It was red, swollen (but not with any defined centre) and all-told was about 4 1/2 inches in diametre. She said it was probably a bite but that if it didn't start going down that I should see a doctor, especially if it started looking like a spider bite (brown recluses can cause very nasty tissue damage, for example). I saw her today; she's back from vacation, and she asks me, by the way, how's the bite. I told her it was better, still a bit pink and peeling, but again, no centre, no sign of infection, and much, much smaller. This is, I realise, an odd conversation to have at work. It gets better. Turns out she had a similar bite, on the same breast (left). She wound up going to the doctor and he put her on antibiotics. And...get this...one of her husband's co-workers also has a similar bite on her left breast. (Apparently they are a fairly close crew if they talk about such things in mixed company, I guess). So, we don't know what's doing it...but seems there's a boobie fly out there. Girls, protect yourselves!!!!

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