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Thursday, July 24, 2003

Hi there

I intentionally did not write last night because I knew, getting home at 11:30 or so that night, I'd be tempted to stay up until some ungodly hour if I started--I've been doing that too much for the last couple of days--so I didn't even turn the computer on. Did you miss me?

Today was a good day. After work Dwana took me to pay a bill and we grabbed sandwiches whilst out and about; then we went to Cold Stone Creamery, where they were giving away free ice cream due to a Make-a-Wish event where a child's own personal concoction was offered for free as part of an attempt at the 'largest ice cream social'. The ice cream was cake batter flavour with fudge, oreos, and M&Ms and was very yummy. [If you stop by a store during July, a portion of your purchase goes to the charity.] (And we escaped before the camera crew could take any pictures of us. We were one of the first ones there, although that was by accident). Since I had planned a workout, we then went down to the gym together and I showed her around. She's not up to working out yet, but I wanted her to see the place. I poked around a little more with her, too, and in the back of the women's locker room, next to the showers, we noticed a bubbling water sound and sign about 'no lifeguard on duty'. Going through the door we discovered a whirlpool where we could sit in gently whirling heated water with only other women around. :D Next time I'm bringing a swimsuit!

My workout wasn't quite as successful as last time. I felt like I had to work harder. I keep forgetting to take a puff on my inhaler to open my lungs, for one. The treadmill was fine, and I went a little faster this time. The hard part was the elliptical machine. Even without impact, it can be a little hard on my knees. I had my heartrate up to a good area, but I had trouble sustaining it the whole time. So I shortened the workout by 2 minutes so I wouldn't overdo it, then went to the bike for a cooldown.

Note to self: remember the damn inhaler!

Dwana thought I was going at it really well, though, and hadn't realised I shortened the one section by a bit. I actually got all sweaty, so in some ways I think harder means better. Since I haven't worked out since Monday, I guess I did alright. I was going to go yesterday and I realised that if I was going to do a decent schedule, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday would be best for me. So here's my plan:

Sunday-Monday: morning yoga
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday: aerobic workout at gym
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: evening yoga (which is a little more intense than the other)

After a couple of weeks I'd like to add a small amount of weight exercises on the days I go to the gym.

Also, after gym activities:

Tuesday--public library or possibly a movie at the Kentucky
Thursday (during summer)--music fest downtown across from gym
Saturday (through fall)--Farmer's Market/Artists's Market

Yay! I feel like I'm on my way to a better life!

Current mood: Accomplished
Exercise: Walked to work. Went to gym (downtown); did a cardio routine with 10 minutes on treadmill, 8.5 on the elliptical, and ten on reclining bike.


On the days I've gone to the gym, I'm ready for bed by about 11pm and have refreshed sleep. My skin also seems better after a workout (the sweating?) When I haven't gone, I've had trouble getting to bed--Tuesday I was up till 4am and Wednesday I was up until 2am. Hmmmmm.

After that we checked out the Thursday night music fest that's downtown briefly and I showed her where I used to live downtown. She showed me where her husband's family goes to church and the nearby stables for the carriage horses that tour downtown. Then we went on a drive around Idle Hour to look at houses (she and her husband are thinking about moving, and this is a quiet neighbourhood right next to where we work that has affordable houses from the 50s). Ooh. That would mean she'd be within walking distance! Somehow I didn't think of that before.

During our search we saw a bunny and Dwana got this evil grin and asked me if I were in a hurry to get home. I told her now, I was enjoying the drive, and she said there was a neighbourhood she and her husband had driven around the other day with scores of bunnies. We went over by Raintree Apartments behind Kroger's and there, in a little hidden area tucked away there were many many bunnies, all domesticated rabbits. She said there were many more the other day. Several were in one yard, either in the backyard or a couple out front, all different colours. A house across the street had chicken wire around every plant they had in their yard. Somehow I think someone bought two rabbits who did what came naturally and decided to let them roam loose. Some places have ducks. They have rabbits. There should be rabbit crossing signs up!!! I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I love taking drives--my mom and I would do it a lot when I was a kid, and it's been awhile since I was in a car just wandering about and looking around. Thanks, Dwana!

So now I'm home and I've eaten a little and watched CSI and am already thinking about going to bed and just doing the F5 tomorrow. I found several interesting news stories to pass on today, but really, I'm in a very good mood and I'm just not wanting to spread gloom and doom as is my wont. So, you have a reprieve until tomorrow, for tomorrow is another day.

I think all that exercise went to my brain. :)

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