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Saturday, July 12, 2003

You know, one thing about OCD--I'd make an excellent editrix

Well, and I have done it for groups, etc. But I mean as in a job. I'm reading Storm Front and whilst I'm enjoying it so far, I've already found a small continuity issue. At one point Dresden gets a thumbtack and a piece of paper to leave a note on his door; later he describes it as taped on. It's not quite up there with Anita Blake and her car that's trashed, then works, then she's carless. I did double check and they're not by the same publisher. I do wonder how these things get through though; even when they're small, they're annoying, at least to those of us who are used to paying attention to details so we can solve the mystery. :) The Dresden Files books do have an Anita Blake-ish male counterpart. The sense of humours are similar, although I can't see Harry and Anita ever really hitting it off too well, they're both a tad too alpha.

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