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Monday, July 21, 2003

Much yayness

  1. Now that my loans finally consolidated, I talked to payroll to check the status regarding wage garnishment. Turns out they'd received a letter this morning in the mail this morning, so, no more garnishment. Yay! Starting Thursday I'll be getting about $70 per cheque more (granted, I'll soon be paying on my loans, but as a temporary measure, it's going to help me with some catch up on bills).
  2. Speaking of which, I got an extension on an important bill that I was supposed to have paid today--but of course I get paid on Thursday. This relates back to the 'putting things off and not confronting an issue' thing on last Friday's blog. The extension was granted. Here's to the courage to ask and a nice libation to the Goddess. I realise now I've had some minor depression over the last two months or so (not surprising, really) and I was starting to let my life drift a little. I feel like I'm starting to get back on track.
  3. I not only survived the gym Saturday, I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to going tonight. Because our weekly Cthulhu game was cancelled, I wound up doing a lot of fairly intense housework and finally had a little soreness, mainly in the neck and lower back. I think the muscles are a little shocked. But keeping moving really helps. If I hadn't have been so busy yesterday I think I would have gone to the gym and at least done some cardio work. (Oh, gee, I'm actually falling into the jargon). I've noticed that on both Sunday and today I've woken up with no trouble, actually a little before my alarm. Each day I got where I needed to go early. Granted, there may be other reasons (perhaps the stars are right?) but I think getting some exercise should really help my sleep cycle. Last night was the first time in days that I hadn't had really weird dreams about having superpowers and being chased by some enemy or small children out to take over the world who then get caught up in murder investigations (too much Cartoon Network?) One had a family sort of like the Weasleys, but Canadian, touring in a bus sort of like the Partridge Family, fighting crime. Weird. Although I'd like to think that the dreams just came from a somewhat sick but creative mind, I've noticed I don't get as much physical rest with those sorts of dreams, and I'm more likely to go back to sleep because, frankly, the dreams are more entertaining than what's going on in life. Last night I still dreamt, but I got a lot of rest and felt not overly bouncy but ready to face my day this morning. Maybe some of those exercise-related endorphins helped.
  4. Our benefit garage sale for the brother of a co-worker was a rousing success. We raised over $2000 and that's not counting donations or the ton of clothes they're going to put into consignment to raise more. The young man is 20 and battling bone cancer at St. Jude Children's Research hospital in Memphis. His father is disabled and her mother has had to stop working to help take care of him, so things have been very tight and difficult on the whole family. If you're interesting in helping, donations are being taken through Central Bank & Trust Co, 300 W. Vine, Lexington, KY 40507 (or dropped off at any Central Bank location, if you're in Lexington), in care of the Joe Slone Benefit.
  5. I wound up totally having to rework the blog template last night because every now I'll update a link or something and much of the template will go POOF! At first I thought it was cats (who think my keyboard is a sofa). But it actually seems to be a quirk in the new Blogger, kind of like how it keeps refreshing over and over as I post. Fortunately, I have learnt to keep a copy after each update to the template. Yay for getting a learning curve!
  6. Ever since Saturday's workout I just haven't really wanted anything sugary. Maybe it's just a change in mindset. Maybe it's those endorphins. Who knows? I have no idea whether that will continue.
  7. When I left for work this morning, the clouds were roiling in all sorts of directions and very dark. Off to the east you could see yellow sky and a distinct line of potential tornado clouds. Everything to be both spinning and blowing hard at the same time. I powered down everything before I left (I don't trust surge protectors 100%, and I don't have any on the phone line for now). Fortunately, it didn't start raining in any amount until I stepped foot under the portico. Yay!

Today's snapshot

  • I'm reading: Murder, My Dear Watson edited by Greenberg, Lellenberg, and Stashower. It's a collection of Sherlockian stories written by today's mystery writers.
  • I weigh: 270 lbs (fully clothed and after breakfast!)
  • I've eaten: 2 eggs, strawberry banana yoghurt, tuna, a biscuit, a salad with a couple of peach slices and about a tbsp. of French dressing, a half pint of lowfat chocolate milk, a 20 oz. diet cola, and 24 oz. of water.
  • I've exercised: Walking to work. Before the rain started--good motivation for speed.
  • I forgot: to bring my medicine with me today. Rats.
  • I plan to: download and print some patient surveys for the performance improvement people, check on the status of some interlibrary loans, start on a Powerpoint presentation for volunteer services, process some subscriptions, print up needs assessment surveys to go out in payroll, shelve materials, and maybe start working on a book truck full of stuff. Ah, the life of a solo librarian. If it's not raining I'm going to take some library books in when I go to the gym. Then I'll come home and depending on my energy level go from there.
  • I want: to find my copy of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen put me in the mood. Maybe I'll see about downloading the e-book.
  • What I'm doing now: Going to lunch.

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