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Thursday, July 17, 2003

Happy Thursday

What I'm listening to: A CD of some oldies--'The City of New Orleans' by Arlo Guthrie, 'John Barleycorn Must Die' by Traffic, 'One Tin Soldier' by Coven, 'Where Have All the Flowers Gone?' by Pete Seeger, 'Paint it Black' by the Rolling Stones, and 'The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald' by Gordon Lightfoot, juxtaposed with the Dropkick Murphys' 'Finegan's Wake' and 'How Soon is Now' by Love Spit Love.
What I'm reading: Haven't decided yet today. I'm thinking of starting back with the Harry Potter books and doing 1-5 in succession.
What I'm planning for tonight: Drumroll, please. I'm going to the gym. I called earlier and I don't need an appointment or anything for the orientation, which I desperately need since I have never been to it, to any gym, and haven't been on any fancy equipment more complex than the occasional treadmill. I've been warned that it's one big meat market but I plan on just going and exercising and to hell what anyone else thinks of me. Or so I say, now. :) Working on the theory that I won't be sore until tomorrow, I'm going to do a little laundry tonight, but otherwise leave things open.

More on the librarian action figure

Not surprisingly, the news of a shhhshing librarian action figure has gleaned a mix response from librarians. I'm in the it's-great-to-have-an-action-figure camp, although I'd prefer it to be a little jazzier. However, the thing I love about this update is the description of a group of California:

Few library workers show off their shushing techniques like those in Santa Cruz, Calif., where the gesture is included in a routine done by a drill team of library employees in local parades.

Diane Noland, a library administrative assistant, said team members push carts of books in precision formations, guided by their director.

'When he calls "Circulate!" we all push our carts around and then we stop and go "Shush!" to the people on the side — and they always laugh and we always laugh.'

:) Now that's teamwork.

Finally, for now...

I keep up with both friends and ex-friends (you never know what they're up to, otherwise). But I was a little surprised by a positive mention on Zabet's blog:

The RL: Mostly Persephone and Hestia with a dash of Athena for academia and a sprinkle of Demeter which probably didn't show up until she hit about 30.

It's a discussion of Greek Goddesses as archetypes for how we interact with the world, based on a book she's reading for class. I have to admit, her 'armchair psychology' was pretty much dead on with me, which is to be expected after this many years. That makes me pretty well-rounded, I think.

I've taken the quiz to which she refers to, but decided to take it again to see what it would say. I came out: 25% Hestia, 25% Athena, 25% Persephone, 16.7% Artemis, 8.3% Hera, and 0% each for Aphrodite and Demeter.


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