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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Life is good--Dwana's back at work

Today's quote: 'He smiled at me! I know it's only gas, but he smiled at me!' (Dwana talking about a friend's newborn).

Today has been much better than yesterday. Maybe because Dwana was at work and I feel like I'm not alone in the world. Maybe it's because I did bring my lunch today. Maybe it's because I've had some caffeine. Maybe it's because I actually remembered to take my Paxil. :) I woke up feeling better in general, and although I started the day a little rough (I'm not sure if it was an asthma attack or a panic attack, but I wasn't feel too well when I got here today). But things perked up after she came in. Despite some health issues, she's pretty chipper and her sense of humour is contagious; it's hard to be depressed around her. Like the cavalry, she's bring some cat food for the animals tonight. Yay! That was my main worry. Everything else can wait till payday.

I'll blog later about today's main challenge--the continuing staples saga. For now, I'm off to the gym. Adieu!

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