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Saturday, July 12, 2003

Well it's Saturday

around noon, and surprisingly, I've done nearly everything I was supposed to do up to this point so far. I'm getting ready to go see the movie. I found out I could pay one of my bills over the phone, so I didn't have to go out and do that. I have plenty of quarters but I've put off laundry until tonight. Yay! for finding one pair of clean underwear I'd overlooked! I have put flea stuff on all the cats (I wanted to do it when I could watch them...Dar-bar once got a little in his mouth and foamed for awhile, and with all of them being older I wanted to make sure they wouldn't have any reactions. I found some liver-flavoured liquid wormer for Spock (he seems to be the one who gets them; I think it's from the fleas, and he attracts those). I was trying to get him to take it directly and got my thumb nicked. He didn't so much bite me as struggle and his tooth and my thumb collided. But now he's laying on the phone, content and purring, and I did get the stuff in him, even if I had to use a turkey baster to do it. (Why does a vegetarian have a turkey baster? It was a gag gift when I turned 30, I think. I'll let you figure it out.) Needless to say, I just opened the package today and used it to get the stuff down his mouth.

We just had a tiny storm. The last few days have been like that--scattered storms that blow up but aren't too bad or long enough to be a problem. All in all that's pretty good, because after a very wet spring wondering if we were all going to have to build boats, it didn't rain here for something like three weeks. My garden is definitely doing better as a result.

I think I may do some writing tonight. I'm in the mood, and I sort of write by channeling every bit of it in these very focussed streams and just cant 'force' it otherwise.

One bit of disappointment is that the meetup for this month is cancelled. Apparently Meetup has a minimum number needed. Still, we're talking about together next month even if there aren't very many of us (I think 8 are signed up, although for some reason we're listed as having 16). I know there are more bloggers out there in Lexington. Go to the Blog Meetup site and enter your zip code, and go from there. It's an interesting way to meet others who blog.

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