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Sunday, July 06, 2003


Well, the good news is that I may not have an allergy to nuts. No nuts today, just Dove Dark Promises. Although the reaction was milder, I still had it. I'd like to think it isn't chocolate (I did have a little chocolate last week, too) :( I had dairy-free chocolate the other day and that didn't bother me at all. It could be the milkfat in the chocolate, since I know milk is an issue. Last week I also had Poppycock nuts and popcorn, and there's probably some milk in that. But I build up a tolerance to milk; it doesn't normally affect me that badly. I can eat pizza, drink milk, and eat cheese, and it may bother me a little but not so violently. So why am I having trouble on game days? Gremlins, gremlins I say! Suffice to say something's tearing up my system, though, so I think carrots are my best bet for next week. :)

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