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Thursday, February 20, 2014

So very tired

I got up early this morning to take a friend to a doctor, then went to work, picked him back up at lunch, and then after work went by the pharmacy and grocery, and spent some time over at my friends' house visiting and watching 'Absolutely Fabulous' ando our favourite episode of 'Let Them Eat Cake'. At work we took pictures for a special project. Different departments are doing different things. I'm in two departments, but for the library I built a 'heart' shape out of red books and bound journals, then propped the skeleton on one side and had me on the other for a picture. So I moved a lot of books, and tomorrow I need to put them all back again. Also tomorrow, bright and early (8 am), I have a dental cleaning, so I'm going to try to go to bed soon and get some rest. Some thunderstorms are coming in, though, so we'll see. Hopefully the power will stay on. The ground is waterlogged and we have lots of trees damaged from a small ice storm a few weeks ago. I tried to park away from anything that might do damage, but I'm afraid there is a tree that, if it fell, could hit my car. Hopefully that won't happen.

Earlier, it was 71 degrees Fahrenheit, which isn't bad for a windy February day. Right now it's 66 degrees, at 10 pm. It's such a wonderful change from the cold temperatures, although of course it won't last. I'm sure winter isn't finished with us. I have a fly that is buzzing around the house, unfortunately. It's quite annoying. I guess no one told it that it's still winter. It's thundering outside. I think we're in for quite a storm.

I am actually so tired I moved the laptop into the bedroom to blog, rather than just sitting in a chair in the living room. That's probably just as well, with the storm, as it's on battery. I am charging my phone, though, to make sure I have some charge in case the power goes out.

Okay, I'm really fading. I'm going to do a quick check on the weather, turn off the little aquarium light (the betta seems so much happier), and then turn in. Have a good night.

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