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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mad for British accents

As you may have guessed, I'm an avowed Anglophile, my chief failure at which is my dislike of tea. So today a man called me from Eduserv, which runs the identity/access management feature Athens that you see on so many electronic resource web sites. They're based in Britain. Even though I have no budget for such things and the whole library, including myself, is going to be scrapped in a couple of years when the hospital transitions to an ambulatory care model, I must confess letting him run on a bit before informing of him of this because, frankly, I adored his accent. I wonder if they've found Americans will buy just about anything from a Brit if the accent's right? I know it frustrated YKWIA to no end at aforementioned pagan gathering that certain authors with British accents would have the crowd nodding and smiling in agreement and placated into some sort of sense of truth even though the gist of their talks were pure hogwash. Anyway, I'm feeling a tiny bit guilty I didn't cut him off earlier, but I did eventually fess up and while he was disappointed not to be able to do a demo, I think he appreciated my candor. And I let him run on with his spiel for just a tiny bit. :) Most vendor calls never get that far. Then I put my headphones back on and continued listening to the BΔSTILLE album 'Bad Blood', which are, of course, a British band. :)

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