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Sunday, February 16, 2014

A happy find

YKWIA and I were on YouTube earlier looking at shows from Britain in the 1970s, especially those made for kids. There was one aimed at adults that I saw on the Wichita, Kansas, PBS station in the 1980s (along with Tom Baker's 'Doctor Who' and the Tripods series based on John Christopher's novels) that really intrigued me. It was called 'The Ωmega Factor' and was about a government group that looked into paranormal phenomena, paired with a journalist who both investigated such things and also was developing psychic ability of his own. It only lasted for 10 episodes, as the production halted due to a protest by one of those uppity sorts who brand anything like that daemonic. So, for a kid who cut her teeth on things like 'In Search Of...' and knew what Zener cards were by the time she was 8, this series was intriguing. But it's been a long time since I've watched it, so I was happy to find it on YouTube, especially as it's difficult to get a region 1 (North American) DVD of the series these days. Here's the first part of episode one:

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