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Friday, February 14, 2014

There is one good thing about the soft food diet due to my oral surgery

I've lost 8 lbs, which apparently isn't water weight as it's been consistent each morning for the last three days. Yay. Still, I must admit I don't have a lot of energy; I managed to work very steadily today (being behind for the first time in awhile), but by 8 or so I pretty much conked out. Now I'm back up, but most of the night is gone. Still, here are my plans for this weekend:
  1. Work on my house
  2. Watch The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which I have out from Netflix
  3. Take a friend to the grocery, depending on the weather, although we got mostly rain, and it looks like the snow will fall short of the original estimates
  4. Watch Suddenly, Last Summer which I also have from Netflix, with friends (yes, it's Dame Maggie Smith day--she's in both)
  5. Work on the game notes (although I'm pretty sure Brenda has a doll meet Sunday, so we won't play--maybe I can work up a character that's supposed to return soon)
  6. Clean my friends' house
  7. Do some reading (I really haven't done much lately)
  8. Watch some episodes of 'American Horror Story: Murder House' with a friend on Netflix streaming
Hopefully that's not too ambitious.

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