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Friday, February 14, 2014

I don't normally comment on news stories, or reply to other comments

But one woman was going on about how gays weren't in God's plan, and how God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, etc., etc., in capital letters to try to make her point somehow more believable than anyone else's, I suppose. It irritated me, to say the least. So this was my reply:
The sin of the people of Sodom & Gomorrah was, according to Jewish tradition (as in the one that the scriptures come from), one of hospitality. There was a great deal of sin in the cities, per the Bible, but as the scholar Jay Michaelson wrote: "Homosexual rape is the way in which they violate hospitality—not the essence of their transgression. Reading the story of Sodom as being about homosexuality is like reading the story of an ax murderer as being about an ax." Perhaps you might consider reading the text of the scripture and of those who have devoted their lives to studying it, rather than using it to spout hate. Also, shouting in giant capital letters and misspellings does nothing for your case, but rather just indicate that you are trying to spout hate masked in religiousity at the top of your lungs. I wish Christians were more concerned with their own souls than that of others. I am neither Christian nor Jewish, and the status of my soul is a matter for time to tell, and for my Gods to decide, but I do respect the teachings of Christ, and wish more people who profess to be Christian would actually learn his lessons of love rather than casting aspersions on others they perceive to be sinners. Beyond that, marriage in this country is a civil matter. You can marry in a church, but without the state's blessing, it is not recognized. It is just customary to not require two ceremonies when a couple marry, for simplicity's sake. So Biblical arguments against legal marriage in the United States are invalid. Religious bodies are free to not bless unions, but legal civil marriage should be open to people regardless of gender, for without it, basic rights protected by our Constitution are violated. All gay couples are asking is that they be able to enjoy the same rights and straight ones. And I say more power to them--I was married nine months and it was considered legal and binding. Friends of mine have been together 16 years, yet they are seen as being merely partners because they are the same gender. Who had the greater commitment to each other? Definitely my friends. They should be allowed to marry in this, their state of residence.
Here's the original story: Couple Sues Ky To Issue Same-Sex Marriage License

Coincidentally, I had someone post a comment on my last post (why, I'm not sure, since it had nothing to do with religion, or anything that would even tangentially made sense) in a long rambling bunch of Bible verses (and yet again, much of it in all caps). Now, I moderate the comments on this blog, and frankly, I didn't see any reason to allow that one, because it was not related in any way to me or to what I wrote. Or at least, I'm assuming it doesn't have anything to do with me. I suppose it could have been a pathetic attempt at conversion, in which case, sadly for the writer, it failed. Please understand that I'm very open to comments, but do not pass on things that are either simply spam or, in this case, the equivalent of leaving a religious tract on my doorstep. Also understand that I don't have problems with Christians, especially ones who have compassion and tolerance. Nor do I necessarily expect all Christians to respect that I have my own religious beliefs. But this is my forum, so I'm afraid it operates by my rules. So sorry, no long praise comments regarding the Christian God. Maybe a nice Orphic hymn would be more appropriate, don't you think?

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